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Protecting and caring for your ears at an early stage in life is crucial. Having bad hearing later in life is mostly due to neglect when we are younger and have the power to prevent any serious conditions. KALOA Ear Drops work hard to protect your ears, ear canal and most importantly, hearing.

Easy to use

KALOA Ear Drops come in an easy-to-use tip bottle. Designed for simple self-application, these drops can be dripped or squeezed into the ear for quick relief of ache, itchiness and irritation associated with the ears. They are formulated from natural, active ingredients to provide safe and effective relief, and do not contain any harsh substances that are bad for you.

Safe and effective

KALOA Ear Drops use active ingredients that are natural substances derived from plant, mineral or animal sources with no harsh ingredients. There are no known side effects and can be used with other types of treatment a they are natural. They are safe and can be taken by nearly anyone at any time without fear of over or misdosing while experiencing the symptom relief you need.

When to use them

KALOA Ear Drops were developed for use for the symptoms of earwax buildup, blockage and even ear ache. They are shown to be most effective in the first few days after you experience some itch or discomfort due to any of these conditions. Consult a specialist if symptoms persist for more than 48 hours or if discharge from the ear is present.

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Never insert an object into your ear. Objects like cotton swabs will mostly push ear wax deeper into your ear canal, causing a blockage.

Ingredients like mineral oil, baby oil, glycerin, and hydrogen peroxide can help to soften ear wax so it can be washed away easily.

Commercial irrigation kits can help too, but if you have some conditions like a perforated ear drum, or a weakened immune system, consult a specialist.

Seek professional attention before attempting to clean your ears especially if you have earache, partial hearing difficulties or chronic ringing in the ear.

About our product:

KALOA Ear Drops

Easy to use

Safe and natural

Reduce itchiness

Get rid of ear wax


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